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Your Source for Personal Medication Reviews in Chilliwack, B.C.

Many patients on multiple medications may benefit from a medical review by the personable staff at Lock’s Pharmacy. Let our experienced and friendly pharmacists examine your current prescriptions in Chilliwack and offer you the advice you need to ensure your health. You’ll sit with our experienced pharmacists once or twice a year and they will review your medication profile to ensure you’re well on your way to a healthy life. We’ll also help you transfer all of your current prescriptions to our convenient location in Chilliwack. We promise you, it’s easier than you think.

We’ll Help You Put Your Worries to Rest

If you have questions or concerns about your medication, please come see us. We want to make sure your medication is right for you and your health condition. Get the peace of mind you deserve from Lock’s Pharmacy. Our experienced pharmacists will sit with you and examine your medication profile properly to help ensure your medication plan is right for you as well as conduct routine evaluations. If you believe you can benefit from talking to an experienced pharmacist, or if you just want an extra opinion, we’re happy to help.

Convenient Prescription Pick Up in Chilliwack

Our pharmacy offers you a convenient location to pick up your prescription in Chilliwack. Having trouble picking up your prescriptions yourself? Lock’s Pharmacy offers free home deliveries of medication for patients who are experiencing physical difficulties but need to refill their prescriptions in Chilliwack. We also have an option of curbside deliveries, where we bring your prescription to your car for your convenience, as well as a service window where you can quickly pick up the prescription yourself. Give us a call today and transfer your prescription for a convenient home delivery service in Chilliwack today.

Need a Professional Opinion?

Our experienced pharmacists will help review your medication profile and address your concerns.

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