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We can take care of your blister compliance packaging, flu vaccinations, prescription transfers, and even crutch rentals. Lock’s Pharmacy has filled prescriptions for the Chilliwack community for the past six decades. Our family-owned operation is known for its fast, friendly, and knowledgeable pharmacy service. When you call us, you will speak to one of our staff members, not a machine. Lock’s also delivers your prescription to your home for free. You will feel at ease with the personalized service from Lock’s. Contact us for all your prescriptions needs or to speak to one of our experienced pharmacists.

Free Blister Compliance Packaging and Quality Medical Supplies in Chilliwack, B.C.

Quality Services

We offer the following services to help you solve your prescription and medication needs:

Free prescription delivery

We deliver your prescription straight to your home at no additional cost.

Free in-store blood pressure testing

Walk in and we’ll conduct blood pressure testing for free.

Free blister compliance packaging

We provide blister compliance pharmaceutical packaging for unit doses to fulfil your medication needs.

Medication reviews

Sit down with one of our experienced staff and review your medication profile.

Crutch rentals

We also provide rentals for crutches in the Chilliwack area.


We help you get your shots and vaccinations done quickly and efficiently.

Smoking cessation program

We can help you quit smoking.

Flu clinic

Drop by our flu clinic for your flu shots, check-ups, and more.

Medical management counselling

Our expert pharmacists help you figure out your medication needs.

Easy prescription transfers

We’re happy to facilitate a prescription transfer to Lock’s Pharmacy.

How Can We Help?

 From blister packs to medication reviews, we’re here to help with all your medication needs.

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